At Quinta dos Cozinheiros, near to Figueira da Foz, and at Quinta da Cancela, in Arcos de Valdevez, we vinified our “ideas” in a genuine and simple atmosphere. In the heart of Bairrada, we are lucky and privileged to vinify at the wine cellar of one of the most prestigious wine producers in Portugal, with a passionate human capital, with access to exceptional conditions. In these places, we look to produce good and unassuming wines, like in the movies from the 40 and 50’s. in the wine cellar, we opted for techniques and materials that do not distort the wine, looking for vinifications that respect the grapes, conducted with native yeasts, with no enzymes, acidification, fining, or whitening. the addition of sulphurs is kept to a minimum, so as to reserve the smooth texture and the dynamic energy of the wine. We accept the differences, preserving a curious spirit and a open approach to wine making.

We try our best to conduct our work meticulously. Cofermentation is undertaken in barrels or cement tanks, performing light extraction, avoiding delestage, gearing towards more harmonious and cohesive lots. We seek balanced alcohol levels to preserve the mineral and vegetal expressions of the regions. The wines are finally aged in old oak barrels or cement tanks.

The storing conditions are exemplary because we have learned from experience that the room temperature in the first months/years of life of a wine are crucial for the future. As a result, ours are convivial and refreshing wines, that contain healthy, nutritious tannins, and are a great accompaniment to the local gastronomy.