This page details the projects from shared experiences, the revival of familiar places and feelings. The pleasure of experimenting, discovering, learning, and progressing.

Quinta dos Cozinheiros produced singular wines in the first half of 2000, from vineyards located 8 km from the sea, near Figueira da Foz. At the time, I never hid my admiration for the wines from Quinta dos Cozinheiros and for their mentor, José Mendonça, who tragically died in 2008. The project lasted until 2011. It has always been my desire to revive the old vineyards at Cozinheiros, a place where there is no physical barrier between the different types of grapes and where Baga -also known locally as Poeirinho-, in the reds, and Maria Gomes (or Fernão Pires) in the whites dominate. The conditions were met in 2015. I set out to pursue this dream with António Marques da Cruz, from Quinta da Serradinha in Leiria, soon revealed as a natural partner.

The wines produced in 2015 result from natural cofermentation in cement tanks. The TABLE WINE COZINHEIROS results also from natural cofermentation of different white and red grapes, originating from vineyards that are 10 to 50 years old. The UTOPIA DOS COZINHEIROS is a natural cofermentation of the grape Baga, originating from vineyards that are 50 years old, with a variety of white grapes, matured in old wooden barrels. In these wines, we searched for a wild identity mixing sensations from herbs and the salinity of the sea. There is a profound identity in the wines obtained from these Atlantic vineyards.

Vinho Região Solo Casta Álcool Açúcar Residual Acidez Total Ph
COZs de Cozinheiros c1 2015 Vinho de Portugal Calcareous/Clay Baga e mistura 12.5% Vol. 1.8 g/l 6.02 g/dm3 3.71
COZs de Cozinheiros c2-baga 2015 Vinho de Portugal Calcareous/Clay Baga e mistura 12.5% Vol. 1.9 g/l 7.0 g/dm3 3.48