Gilda is an authentic wine. An intrinsically lively wine to enjoy in good company. It tells a story of perseverance born at the heart of the identity of a place and its people. The freedom to create, along with the desire to make a pure and digestable wine, led us to choose a particular blend of varieties well adapted to the local climate. The blend mixes three types of grapes, from different land plots, sown in soils of different nature. Because Gilda casts about for the traditional expressiveness of the Bairrada region, in its complexity it mixes influences from the Atlantic and limestone soils. The natural fermentation of the blend, presents the true expressiveness of Terroir.


The label portrays the story of the boat Gilda and the generations that travelled the channels of Ria de Aveiro in a spirit of family and friendship. The pictorial image originates from a photograph taken by my father in 1984 that we thought lost, but which I recently rediscovered in 2011. In this picture sails the memory of a unique, wooden boat, skilfully handmade and adapted by my grandfather to the sailing conditions in the Ria de Aveiro. Among others, the image portrays my two elder brothers in their teens.

Wine Region Soil Variety Alcohol Residual Sugar Total Acidity ph
GILDA 2012 Vinho de Portugal Argilo-Calcário Merlot + Castelão + Tinto Cão 12.5% Vol. 2.5 g/l 5.1 g/dm3 3.55
GILDA 2013 DOC Bairrada Argilo-Calcário Merlot + Tinta Barroca + Tinto Cão 12.9% Vol. 1.5 g/l 4.9 g/dm3 3.58
GILDA 2015 DOC Bairrada Argilo-Calcário Castelão + Merlot + Tinta Barroca 12.5% Vol. 1.5 g/l 5.44 g/dm3 3.65
GILDA 2016 DOC Bairrada Argilo-Calcário Castelão + Alfrocheiro + Merlot 12.5% Vol. 1.4 g/l 5.34 g/dm3 3.74