Maria da Graça

Maria da Graça is a lively, unbound wine influenced by the freshness of the calcareous-clay soils and the dominant Northwest Atlantic coastal winds. It celebrates the knowledge and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. The wine grapes Alfrocheiro and Alicante Bouchet, ideally suited for the region, were harvested in late September. In this wine, we sought to express in a natural way the characteristics that the wine variety Alfrocheiro bestows to a place, the S. Mateus farm, showcasing how sophisticated the region of Bairrada can be.


The label portrays the tale of the timber rowing boat Maria da Graça, hand crafted by our grandfather. It was on this boat that young and old learned their fishing skills and to sail the waterways of Ria de Aveiro, with the wind blowing from the north in the summertime or the pristine mirror-effect of a river on winter mornings.

Wine Region Soil Variety Alcohol Residual Sugar Total Acidity ph
MARIA DA GRAÇA 2013 Vinho de Portugal Argilo-Calcário Alfrocheiro 11.0% Vol. 2.7 g/l 4.8 g/dm3 3.56
MARIA DA GRAÇA 2014 DOC Bairrada Argilo-Calcário Alfrocheiro 11.5% Vol. 2.0 g/l 6.35 g/dm3 3.62
MARIA DA GRAÇA 2015 DOC Bairrada Argilo-Calcário Alfrocheiro 12.5% Vol. 1.5 g/l 6.34 g/dm3 3.36
MARIA DA GRAÇA 2016 DOC Bairrada Argilo-Calcário Alfrocheiro 12.5% Vol. 1.9 g/l 5.79 g/dm3 3.64