Gilda is an authentic wine. It is a wine to enjoy in good company, it tells a story of perseverance for a place and its people.

Maria da Graça

Maria da Graça is a lively wine influenced by the freshness of the dominant Northwest winds from the Atlantic Ocean.


Raiz wines are born in a place where, as small children, we learned to experience nature, amidst a landscape rooted in granitic soils, exuberant nature


Projects from shared experiences, the revival of familiar places and feelings. The pleasure of experimenting, discovering, learning, and progressing.


Tales from a recent past. A personal manifesto about the culture of wine, about a way of life. Ideas and sensations from a thriving period.


Notícias e imagens do nosso trabalho e outros sonhos.


We toured vineyards for several years. We felt that the wine from Bairrada symbolises the connection with the local environment that we originally sought.


In the Cellar we opted for techniques and materials that do not distort the wine, vilifications respecting the grape, conducted with indigenous yeasts, no enzymes, acidification, filtering or clarification.


Find out where we are and where to find us.